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Feel free to check out BaseX; it has an 3 interactive frontend and is easy to use: http://basex.org/. You 2 can turn on the option "Realtime Execution" to 1 execute queries with each key click.

Score: 17

eXist-db is a great tool for learning XQuery: exist-db.org.

I'd 27 start by checking out the Basic XQuery Examples on the eXist-db.org 26 website. This suite of interactive tutorials 25 shows you example XQuery source code based 24 on already-loaded XML files, such as Shakespeare 23 plays, and lets you run each query in the 22 tutorial. You can also edit the sample 21 queries to see how your changes alter the 20 results. Just click on the "Edit" button 19 beneath each source code sample, and it'll 18 take you to eXide, a web-based interactive query 17 editor, to edit the queries and run them. (As 16 Adam notes in the comment below, eXide is 15 a great tool in its own right for learning 14 XQuery.) While you can't upload your own 13 XML to the copy of eXide that runs on eXist-db.org, you 12 can browse the included files (click on 11 Open and log in with username guest and 10 password guest) and craft sample queries 9 against the files.

If you want to run queries 8 on your own files, just download and install 7 the eXist from exist-db.org; then you'll have eXide 6 and the ability to upload your own XML for 5 querying, as well as all of eXist's built-in 4 documentation.

Another great set of tutorials 3 on XQuery 3.0 (and now 3.1) is the XQuery 3.0 (and 3.1) Features demo.

If you 2 have questions about eXist, I'd recommend 1 joining the exist-open mailing list.

Score: 12

There are some XML databases that have a 11 XQuery sandbox or IDE integrated. BaseX is a 10 great example (see christians answer).

Another remarkable 9 tool is eXist-db's eXide IDE. The version I'm linking to 8 here lets you run queries from any browser, though 7 for security reasons you can't upload files 6 to their server. To use eXide on your own 5 XML files, you can install eXist locally 4 (it's quite easy), and then you can create 3 or import XML files and test your XQueries 2 on them.

Finally, there's Zorba's sandbox, offering some 1 example queries and XML files.

Score: 8

You should try Kernow

It's free and it's open source

They 3 will ask you for donation after 100 times 2 that you run it but it's up to you.

If it's 1 non commercial, it's free

Score: 0

and to make the list complete don't forget 3 about MarkLogic


MarkLogic Server is super 2 fast, super scalable and also ships with 1 a web based sandbox

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