[ACCEPTED]-Can't run Instruments from Xcode-instruments

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I had the same issue! I could only use Instruments 14 on my iPhone but not on iPad or iPad2! Whenever 13 I started instruments with Xcode 4 it would 12 just beep and the record button would be 11 disabled..

I solved this issue by in XCode 10 going to >Targets>Edit Scheme>Profile "yourAppName" and 9 changing the Build Configuration from Release 8 to Debug. Then try to profile again Product>Profile

If 7 you get the beep again.. You will see that 6 it says "CHOOSE TARGET" next to the record 5 button open the drop down >Choose Target> "yourAppName" then 4 hit record.

This solved it for me and was 3 finally able to run instruments again!

I 2 know this post is old but i hope it helps 1 someone.

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I had this issue in Xcode 7. It turned out 4 that, somehow, in the Profile section of 3 my scheme settings, the Executable field 2 had been cleared:

enter image description here

I set the Executable field 1 to my target name and the menu enabled again.

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I was unable to get instruments to work 22 with my iPhone (it had previously worked). The 21 behaviour I saw was that xcode would say 20 "finished running - Profiling [app name]" before 19 the instruments window was even shown (the 18 choose instrument window).

I worked around 17 this by going to product->scheme->edit scheme, select 16 profile [app name] and select an instrument 15 (i.e. Allocations) under the instrument 14 drop down (instead of "ask on launch").

Once 13 I did this, selecting Product->profile worked 12 for me and the instruments was running.

I 11 wanted the zombie instrument which strangely 10 isn't in the xcode dropdown, I was able 9 to use this by simply using file->new in 8 instruments (while the allocations instrument 7 was still connected and running) and I could 6 then choose the zombies instrument and the 5 record button wasn't greyed out!

All of this 4 was with iOS 7.0.3 and xcode 5.0.1.

I hope 3 this helps at least one other person to 2 stop ripping their hair out, but knowing 1 xcode I somehow doubt it!

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I had the same problem after reinstalling 4 Snow Leopard last week. I moved my /Developer 3 folder to /Developer_old and re-ran the 2 Xcode installer pkg, and now have Instruments 1 back.

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The problem is instrument needs a gateway 10 to your app and simply pointing to it doesn't 9 do it. The Instrument's workflow is as such: enter image description here You need to profile it 8 from Xcode first.

enter image description here

I highly recommend seeing Apple's own links shared in this answer. They are amazingly good and simple.

Apple's documentation says

If Instruments has access to information 7 about your app’s source code, a leak is 6 reported as a class name. Otherwise, a leak 5 is reported as a memory address, such 4 as Malloc-size. To ensure that Instruments 3 has access to information about your code, initiate profiling from Xcode (see Profile 2 from Xcode) or configure a symbol mappings 1 file (see Map Data to Source Code).

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what worked for me was

  1. running the app on Simulator
  2. going back to Xcode's Debug Navigator (CMD+7)
  3. selecting CPU/Memory
  4. clicking Profile in Instruments


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Note that if you have multiple targets, it 3 is very likely that you need indeed to tell 2 Xcode which one you want to profile. Use 1 the edit targets scheme above

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I've noticed that if I go to File->Record 2 options, and press OK, the record button 1 suddenly is enabled.

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Make sure all of your instruments support 6 recording modes. When I upgraded from Xcode6 5 to Xcode7, one of my instruments was marked 4 as "This instrument's supported recording 3 modes are none". When I deleted this specific 2 instrument, the recording button becomed 1 enabled.

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As pointed out in Apple's discussion forum, restarting your machine 1 works. It works for me.

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