[ACCEPTED]-Have a wpf window inside another wpf window-window

Accepted answer
Score: 12

If you want tabpages, why not use a TabControl 4 with UserControls inside ? If you need to 3 transform one of these tabs to a floating 2 window, just put the UserControl in a new 1 Window...

Score: 2

Can I answer this question with another 3 question; why would you not create them 2 as controls rather than other WPF windows, that 1 you want to host in the main WPF window?

Score: 2

a bit late on this, but I guess with WindowsForms 3 interop you can put in WPF a WinForms control 2 host and in that host put a WinForms control 1 that hosts the handle of a WPF window

Score: 1

I think what you're asking for is MDI, Multiple 5 Document Interface. Something like this might 4 help.

Do note, however, that the MDI paradigm 3 is largely shunned these days. There are 2 usually better ways to achieve the same 1 functionality.

Score: 0

I think you want to hosting contents of 9 WPF Window1.xaml (page1.xaml) inside within 8 another WPF Window.

Well...you can use Navigation. Instead 7 running window1.xaml contents inside tab 6 then you can work with your data inside 5 Navigation. Navigation can run within WPF 4 Window Application. You just design your 3 form / UI in page1.xaml.

one another..MDI 2 old and rusty. We want clear of top window 1 nowadays.

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