[ACCEPTED]-Is WPF getting outdated with arrival of WinUI-3?-winui-3

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This WinUI 3.0 will not obsolete WinForms 11 and WPF at all. Yes, .NET Framework 4.8 10 will be the last version of .NET Framework, but 9 since we now have WinForms and WPF continuously 8 developed on top of .NET Core, we should 7 not worry.

These are the reasons: (and I 6 think it's proven that WPF and WinForms 5 aren't obsoleted)

  1. WinForms and WPF are actively developed and supported on top of .NET Core since .NET Core 3.0. In .NET 5.0, we have full WinForms designer support in Visual Studio 2019 since 16.8.x, not just WPF on .NET Core since 16.7.x
  2. Microsoft is in the development of evolving Windows desktop application development under one ambitious initiative as technology called Project Reunion. Project Reunion is open source on GitHub. The evolving Windows desktop app also means including WinForms and WPF as well.

See also the Project Reunion 4 README: https://github.com/microsoft/ProjectReunion/blob/main/README.md

NOTE: The Project Reunion is also 3 the umbrella of other Windows desktop UI 2 initiatives/technologies such as WinUI 3.0, XamlIslands, UWP, and 1 many more.

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