[ACCEPTED]-What's the difference between a Trigger and a DataTrigger?-datatrigger

Accepted answer
Score: 58

A regular Trigger only responds to dependency properties.

A 3 DataTrigger can be triggered by any .NET property (by 2 setting its Binding property). However, its setters 1 can still target only dependency properties.

Score: 33

Another difference is that a DataTrigger can be bound 8 to another control, a StaticResource, etc 7 etc.

<Style TargetType="TextBox">
      Binding="{Binding SomeProperty, 
      <!-- etc -->

You can only examine the instance on 6 which the style is set when using a Trigger. For 5 example, a Trigger applied to a Button can inspect 4 the value of IsPressed, but it would not be able 3 to inspect the (for example) Text value of a 2 TextBox on the same form if you wished to disable 1 the Button if the TextBox was empty.

Score: 18

The short answer (as I'm about to sleep)- A 4 trigger works on dependency properties (typically GUI properties) whereas 3 data triggers can be triggered by any .NET 2 property (typically a property in a ViewModel 1 that implements INotifyPropertyChanged).

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