[ACCEPTED]-Syntax Highlighter for WPF-syntax-highlighting

Score: 3

Some time ago i've found this blog post with 3 a tutorial on how to create a custom syntax 2 highlight control from a RichTextBox. Maybe 1 it could be usefull for you too.

Score: 2

If you do not mind having no documentation 4 whatsoever, AvalonEdit is a good choice. I am currently 3 using for a project, and it is a great tool. I 2 have not encountered a single bug even in 1 complex scenarios.

Score: 0

I was looking for the same thing without 5 success. Only solution I found is Actipro's 4 Syntax Highlighter for WinForms that can be hosted in WPF 3 application. AFAIK Actipro is working on 2 WPF version but I don't know if it ready 1 or not

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