[ACCEPTED]-windows version of the GDB frontend DDD-ddd-debugger

Accepted answer
Score: 13

DDD has not been ported to Windows AFAIK. But 4 there ARE native gdb, which can be perfectly 3 built using MingW32. You can also build 2 Insight natively using Mingw32. You can also give 1 a try to BeaverDbg

Score: 10

There is also a GDB front-end for MS Visual 4 Studio, called WinGDB. It supports both Cygwin 3 and MinGW. You use it just like built-in 2 debugger in VS. It's also possible to debug 1 remotely on Linux via SSH.

Score: 4

Try the Affinic Debugger GUI. It is a native Windows application 2 and is similar to DDD. It uses GDB as the 1 backend.

Score: 0

For a cross-platform gdb frontend, Qt Creator 3 comes to mind. It also does "native" cdb 2 on Windows, but I am not sure that's what 1 you are looking for.

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