[ACCEPTED]-Controlling psftp in a Windows Batch File-batch-file

Accepted answer
Score: 16

I ended up creating a new batch file from 1 the main one that I then told psftp to use:

echo cd downloads/boxee > psftp.bat
echo put "%1.avi" >> psftp.bat
echo quit >> psftp.bat

psftp frontrow@ -pw aaa -b psftp.bat
Score: 4

Specify a file containing batch commands

In 13 normal operation, PSFTP is an interactive 12 program which displays a command line and 11 accepts commands from the keyboard.

If you 10 need to do automated tasks with PSFTP, you 9 would probably prefer to specify a set of 8 commands in advance and have them executed 7 automatically. The -b option allows you 6 to do this. You use it with a file name 5 containing batch commands. For example, you 4 might create a file called myscript.scr 3 containing lines like this:

cd /home/ftp/users/jeff
del jam-old.tar.gz
ren jam.tar.gz jam-old.tar.gz
put jam.tar.gz
chmod a+r jam.tar.gz

and then you 2 could run the script by typing

psftp user@hostname -b myscript.scr

Credit to 1 http://the.earth.li/~sgtatham/putty/0.52/htmldoc/Chapter6.html#6.1.3

Score: 2

All in one file:

@echo off
echo Convert and Upload to Apple TV file Called %1.mkv
ffmpeg -i %1.mkv -vcodec mpeg4 -acodec ac3 -ab 384k -sameq -s hd720 -t 60 %1.avi
echo cd downloads/boxee
echo put %1.avi
echo quit
) | psftp frontrow@ -pw aaa -bc

If we need the precise port 1 number:

psftp frontrow@ -P 222 -pw aaa -bc
Score: 1

Why not use the built in FTP command that 5 comes with windows?

you will need to write 4 a script that will upload the file:

frontrow aaa
put file.avi

then 3 call ftp -s:MyScript

You will need to generate 2 the script per each file using echo and 1 the >> redirector.

Score: 1

I was struggling to run a simple batch file/script 17 to have an end user upload a file she had 16 just edited to a secure FTP site.

Using This 15 Script:

cd /outgoing
put Examplefile.txt
# chmod a+r Examplefile.txt
# ren Examplefile.txt Exam.ted
# rm Examplefile.txt

and running PuTTY's sftp command 14 from a standard Windows command prompt:

psftp user@ftp.address.com -pw password -b testscript.scr

I 13 was able to quickly and (more importantly!!) easily 12 upload a file from the company I am doing 11 work for to a company we needed to transact 10 business with. You can also see I am ready 9 to rename the file if needed (ren) or delete 8 a file if needed (rm). The hash symbol (#) sets 7 the lines as remark lines.

This allowed me 6 to create a complete batch file in Windows 5 that the end user could simply click on 4 to upload the files as she generated them. It 3 was MUCH simpler than using some of the 2 other "flavors" of sftp I found on the 'Net 1 and I have used and trusted PuTTY for decades.

Score: 0

If all you're doing with ftp is uploading 1 a single file, you can use pscp.

echo Convert and Upload to Apple TV file Called %1.mkv

ffmpeg -i %1.mkv -vcodec mpeg4 -acodec ac3 -ab 384k -sameq -s hd720 -t 60 %1.avi
pscp -pw aaa -sftp %1.avi frontrow@

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