[ACCEPTED]-How to screen shot a UAC prompt?-screenshot

Accepted answer
Score: 64

This method using the group policy editor 7 should do the job:

1) Run gpedit.msc
2) Under 6 Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security 5 Settings\Local Policies\SecurityOptions:

Change 4 “User Account Control: Switch to the secure 3 desktop when prompting for elevation” to 2 disabled

Undo this change after the screenshot, because 1 it makes the system less secure!

Score: 22

Change your UAC settings to disable the 6 secure desktop, and then you can take the 5 screenshot. In Windows 7, this is one of 4 the options on the UAC slider, in Vista, I 3 believe you need to configure the Security 2 Policy.

Alternatively, run Windows in a VM 1 and take a screenshot of that.

Score: 8

You can also remote desktop to the Windows 3 7 machine and run the screenshotter (or 2 video capture) on the other machine. I've 1 used this very successfully.

Score: 7

A step by step Guide

Step 1. Right click on the Program that you 14 want to install and choose 'Run as administrator'.

enter image description here

Step 2. Now 13 when the UAC Prompt appears, click on 'Change 12 when these notifications appear'.

enter image description here

Step 3. Take 11 the security Bar one-step down. Be sure 10 to find that 'do not dim my desktop' is 9 in the description. Now click on 'OK'.

enter image description here

Click 8 on 'yes' when the UAC ask for permission.

Step 4. Now 7 close all UAC Prompt dialog box. Again start 6 from the beginning. You are now able to 5 take a screenshot of the UAC Prompt dialog 4 box with keyboard's print screen button or ms snipping tool.

Note that it 3 will make your system less secure. So, make 2 the security level as previous after the 1 completion of your need.

Score: 1

Alternative to Michael Goldshteyns answer

You can more quickly achieve the same by 5 copying the first registry command below 4 and pasting it into an elevated command prompt, then hit enter.

To turn off PromptOnSecureDesktop:

REG ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System" /V "PromptOnSecureDesktop" /T "REG_DWORD" /D "0x00000000" /F 1>NUL

This 3 will turn off SecureDesktop, leaving the computer vulnerable, but 2 you will be able to screenshot the UAC prompts.

Screenshot of a UAC prompt without SecureDesktop

All elevation requests go to the interactive user's desktop. Prompt behavior policy settings for administrators and standard users are used.

To turn on PromptOnSecureDesktop:

This 1 will turn on SecureDesktop.

REG ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System" /V "PromptOnSecureDesktop" /T "REG_DWORD" /D "0x00000001" /F 1>NUL

Screenshot of a UAC prompt with SecureDesktop activated

All elevation requests go to the secure desktop regardless of prompt behavior policy settings for administrators and standard users.

⚠ Important: After you are done, make sure you revert the command by turning PromptOnSecureDesktop off.

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