[ACCEPTED]-Tool to monitor HTTP, TCP, etc. Web Service traffic-monitoring

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For Windows HTTP, you can't beat Fiddler. You can 3 use it as a reverse proxy for port-forwarding on a web 2 server. It doesn't necessarily need IE, either. It 1 can use other clients.

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Wireshark does not do port redirection, but sniffs 1 and interprets a lot of protocols.

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You might find Microsoft Network Monitor helpful if you're on Windows.


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Wireshark (or Tshark) is probably the defacto standard 8 traffic inspection tool. It is unobtrusive 7 and works without fiddling with port redirecting 6 and proxying. It is very generic, though, as 5 does not (AFAIK) provide any tooling specifically 4 to monitor web service traffic - it's all 3 tcp/ip and http.

You have probably already 2 looked at tcpmon but I don't know of any other 1 tool that does the sit-in-between thing.

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I tried Fiddler with its reverse proxy ability 19 which is mentioned by @marxidad and it 18 seems to be working fine, since Fiddler 17 is a familiar UI for me and has the ability 16 to show request/responses in various formats 15 (i.e. Raw, XML, Hex), I accept it as an 14 answer to this question. One thing though. I 13 use WCF and I got the following exception 12 with reverse proxy thing:

The message with 11 To 'http://localhost:8000/path/to/service' cannot be processed at the receiver, due 10 to an AddressFilter mismatch at the EndpointDispatcher. Check 9 that the sender and receiver's EndpointAddresses 8 agree

I have figured out (thanks Google, erm.. I 7 mean Live Search :p) that this is because 6 my endpoint addresses on server and client 5 differs by port number. If you get the same 4 exception consult to the following MSDN 3 forum message:


which recommends to use clientVia 2 Endpoint Behavior explained in following 1 MSDN article:


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I've been using Charles for the last couple of 1 years. Very pleased with it.

Score: 3

I second Wireshark. It is very powerful and versatile. And 6 since this tool will work not only on Windows 5 but also on Linux or Mac OSX, investing 4 your time to learn it (quite easy actually) makes 3 sense. Whatever the platform or the language 2 you use, it makes sense.


Richard Just 1 Programmer http://sili.co.nz/blog

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I find WebScarab very powerful


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Check out Paros Proxy.


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JMeter's built-in proxy may be used to record all HTTP request/response 5 information.

Firefox "Live HTTP headers" plugin may be used 4 to see what is happening on the browser 3 side when sending/receiving request.

Firefox 2 "Tamper data" plugin may be useful when you need to 1 intercept and modify request.

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