[ACCEPTED]-Visual Studio Stuck in Weird Mode Causing Keyboard Issues-visual-studio-2010

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I have been able to clear this is the past 3 by doing a CTRL + TAB to another page, then return 2 to the original page. Seems to work without 1 having to close the page.

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I am not sure this is exactly related to 16 your problem but I have also experienced 15 strange behavior in Visual Studio 2010. I 14 have tracked it down to the following:

SHIFT + WIN puts 13 the editor in some kind of auto selection 12 mode. Wherever I click the mouse button, the 11 text between cursor position and the click 10 gets selected. To get out of it press SHIFT

CONTROL + WIN puts 9 the editor in a mode where it treats every 8 mouse click as if CTRL is pressed. To get out 7 of it, press CTRL.

The keys mentioned above has 6 to be pressed simultaneous for this to work. I 5 don't think this has to do with Windows 4 Sticky Keys as I have that function disabled. It 3 seems to be a Windows feature since this 2 works system wide and is not isolated to 1 Visual Studio only.

Score: 2

This may not be the problem you were experiencing 13 but I had a problem where My plus key suddenly 12 started acting like a mouse click.

At first 11 I thought I might have a modifier stuck 10 down but after a bit more experimenting 9 I discovered this was also the case in other 8 programs aswell.

After some googling it 7 turns out I must have accidentally turned 6 on mouse keys.

You can switch this on and off by 5 using shift-alt + num lock. When you switch it off it also 4 switches off the num lock (but switching 3 on doesn't toggle it). This is possibly 2 off-topic but I thought it might help people 1 who were googling for the same thing.

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