[ACCEPTED]-Unable to load one or more breakpoints error in Visual Studio 2013-breakpoints

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Re the breakpoint problem: Have you debugged 17 into assembler? You might have accidentally 16 set a breakpoint on some assembler instruction. Look 15 into the breakpoint list (Debug->Windows->Breakpoints; it's 14 Alt+F9 for me) to see which breakpoints 13 are set for the solution. Of course, source 12 and binary not matching might also cause 11 this. Alternatively the following might 10 help, too.

Re the startup project: Visual 9 Studio saves all user-specific data regarding 8 a solution in a *.suo file which it puts right 7 beside the *.sln file. This might have gotten 6 corrupted (although I've never seen this). Try 5 to delete it and see whether this helps. On 4 a second thought, both problems might be 3 caused by someone having checked in the 2 *.suo file located in a hidden .vs directory. Have 1 you checked this?

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I also encountered such a problem, the solutions 2 is delete the *.suo file in the solution 1 directory.

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I tried to delete all breakpoints but every 5 time I opened the project this message appeared.

I 4 have found a hidden directory inside the 3 solution: ".vs"

I renamed it to something 2 else and re-opened the solution - the message 1 disappeared.

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Just delete ".vs" folder and reload 1 the solution

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I had the same issue and I cleaned the solution 2 from BUILD>CLEAN SOLUTION and rebuilt the 1 solution and it resolved.

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Deleting *.suo file worked for me


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Can you give us more information on why 15 Visual Studio can't load the break point? If 14 you hover over the breakpoint icon it should 13 provide a tooltip message saying why the 12 breakpoint is unable to load.

The most common 11 reason for this is a mismatch between the 10 source file and the binary you are debugging. It 9 can happen if you F5 with build errors for 8 instance. Or F5 against a deployed DLL 7 after you have changed the source for the 6 DLL. Try rebuilding and potentially redeploying 5 as appropriate and see if that helps your 4 problem.

As for the startup information. Try 3 updating it, hitting save all and restarting 2 Visual Studio. That should ensure the information 1 is saved.

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There may be an breakpoint that disappered 2 (but how?). Please try Ctrl+Shift+F9 to 1 'Delete All Breakpoints' (VS2008).

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Ctrl+Shift+F9 to 'Delete All Breakpoints' does 4 not work.

Delete everything in your project 3 which is not your source code: "obj" and 2 "bin" sub-directories, all *.user and *.suo 1 also from the hidden ".vs" directory.

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Deleting .suo file did not work for me, neither 5 did deleting obj folder. Only thing that worked 4 was deleting everything from hidden .vs folder 3 (I moved the files somewhere else on my 2 machine first to make sure I could move 1 them back in case of an error)

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I just had this issue with Visual Studio 3 2012 RC. I fixed it by setting a arbitrary 2 breakpoint and then deleting it in the Debug->Windows->Breakpoint 1 window.

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