[ACCEPTED]-mspdbsrv.exe living forever?-visual-studio

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MS recommends to add a postbuild-event to 7 the Project options here.

[...]Sometimes it is 6 possible that mspdbsrv.exe stays alive 5 even after the build is over. In such 4 scenarios, it is safe to add a post build 3 event to kill the mspdbsrv.exe.

Background 2 infos on postbuild-Events can be found on 1 the linked page.

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mspdbsrv.exe is the process Visual Studio 12 uses to create .pdb files when you compile; these 11 are the symbol files that let you debug 10 an application. Sometimes it goes berserk 9 and doesn't shutdown correctly when you 8 exit Visual Studio. I've had this cause 7 bad compiles even after quitting and restarting 6 Visual Studio. Use Process Explorer or the task list (Ctrl+Alt+Delete 5 in Windows) to manually kill mspdbsrv.exe 4 if it's broken on you.

For what it's worth, I 3 haven't seen this problem happen in Visual 2 Studio 2008 as of yet, but I've only been 1 using it a few days.

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A little googling seems to indicate that 4 mspdbsrv.exe zombies are a known issue in 3 VS2005. We've had similar (intermittent) problems, but 2 there did not seem to be a solution.

Yes, it 1 sucks.

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