[ACCEPTED]-How can I add a custom command to Visual Studio?-keyboard-shortcuts

Accepted answer
Score: 40

First, add an item to your Tools menu by 5 choosing Tools, External Tools, and filling 4 out the dialog, like this:

enter image description here

Then bring up 3 Tools Customize, click the Keyboard button 2 at the bottom, and find the appropriate 1 external tool number:

bind to a key

Score: 4

All the configured external commands in 10 VS are available to add to a Toolbar or 9 Menu through the Tools>Customize menu as 8 "External Command ##". You just need to 7 know which number corresponds to the particular 6 command you've configured. I believe it 5 is in order of entry in the external commands 4 list.

Similarly, you can find those names 3 in the commands list in Options>Environment>Keyboard 2 and assign a shortcut to your command that 1 way.

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