[ACCEPTED]-Extracting visual studio theme?-save

Accepted answer
Score: 24

If you want to only save the theme, On Visual 7 Studio 2012*, you can go to: Tools->Customize 6 Colors. Hover over your custom theme and 5 click on "Edit Theme" (pencil icon). On 4 the top bar you will find the option "Export 3 Theme"

I think this could be the same on 2 VS2010 if you have Visual Studio Color Theme 1 Editor installed

Score: 19

Tools > Import and Export settings > Export Selected Settings

VS theme is set in customize options - which 3 on the export dialog is filed under 'Options'.

To 2 save your entire current theme, ensure that 1 the whole Options node is checked.

Score: 1

If you are using "Customize Color", you 5 can select the theme you want to export, press 4 "Edit", after that in the top 3 of the settings you can find an icon of 2 a pallet of colors that is used to export 1 the current theme.

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