[ACCEPTED]-Vim: create marks across files?-vim

Accepted answer
Score: 102

Yes. Use capital letters for the mark.


Marks 12 can span across files. To use such marks 11 one has to use upper-case registers i.e. A-Z. Lower-case 10 registers are used only within files and 9 do not span files. That's to say, if you 8 were to set a mark in a file foo.c in register 7 "a" and then move to another file 6 and hit 'a, the cursor will not jump back 5 to the previous location. If you want a 4 mark which will take you to a different 3 file then you will need to use an upper-case 2 register. For example, use mA instead of 1 ma.

Score: 11

Use the A-Z marks, they are available across 1 files.

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