[ACCEPTED]-Why does a VB.Net function that returns string only actually return a single character?-syntax

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After trying a hundred different things, refactoring 22 my code, stepping through the code in the 21 debugger many times, and even having a co-worker 20 look into the problem, I finally, in a flash 19 of genius, discovered the answer.

At some 18 point when I was refactoring the code, I 17 changed the function to get rid of the Value 16 parameter, leaving it as follows:

Public Function GetSomeStringValue() As String
    ... Code Goes here
    Return Some_Multicharacter_String
End Function

However, I 15 neglected to remove the parameter that I 14 was passing in when calling the function:

SomeStringValue = GetSomeStringValue(Value)

The 13 compiler didn't complain because it interpreted 12 what I was doing as calling the function 11 without brackets, which is a legacy feature 10 from the VB6 days. Then, the Value parameter 9 transformed into the array index of the 8 string (aka character array) that was returned 7 from the function.

So I removed the parameter, and 6 everything worked fine:

SomeStringValue = GetSomeStringValue()

I'm posting this 5 so that other people will recognize the 4 problem when/if they ever encounter it, and 3 are able to solve it much more quickly than 2 I did. It took quite a while for me to solve, and 1 I hope I can save others some time.

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