[ACCEPTED]-Using List.Exists and Predicates correctly-vb.net

Accepted answer
Score: 25

List(Of T).Contains is the method you should be using. Exists, as 7 you say, expects a predicate. Of course, for 6 .Contains to work as expected, you need 5 to override the Equals() method, as well as GetHashCode().

List(Of T).Exists expects 4 a function that will return a Boolean value 3 when passed an item of type T, where T, in 2 your case, is of type Stuff. So, you could 1 write a method that looks like:

If Not l_stuff.Exists(Function(x) x.property1 = m_stuff.property1 And _
x.property2 = m_stuff.property2) Then

and so on.

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