[ACCEPTED]-Is it possible to combine two .po translation files together?-msgfmt

Accepted answer
Score: 38

What you are looking for is the msgcat util, it 3 concatenates and merges the specified PO 2 dictionaries.

This is part of gettext utils, for more 1 information please consult gettext manual page on msgcat.

Score: 13

you can use poedit. To merge your current 2 po-file, you must to open it and click:

  • Catalog > Update from POT-file.
  • Set the filter to all files and select your second.po file

Poedit 1 will show you new & obsolete strings

Score: 2

I use msgmerge:

msgmerge [old_file.po] [new_file.po] > output.po

It works for me, but be aware that 3 it does a silly merge, it is, it discards 2 the entries in the old_file (new file items 1 overwrites old one items).

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