[ACCEPTED]-Using tortoiseSVN, how do you tag the code?-tortoisesvn

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Score: 25

The answers here were missing some key information 27 for getting started with SVN and braches.

Step 26 1: You need to make sure you have a suitable 25 branches/tags dir. e.g. if your project 24 has this structure:


you also need:


To do 23 this, don't "add" the directories and commit 22 them, or tortoise will give you an error. Instead 21 use the tortoise svn repo-browser, go to 20 myproj then right click and "add Folder".

Step 19 2: Right click on your trunk folder, select 18 "tortoise SVN" then "branch/tag". The copy 17 branch/tag dialogue now pops up.

Step 3: Set 16 the "to Path" to "/myproj/tags/myversion" where 15 myversion is usually something like "1.0". Select 14 "Head revision in the repository" and make 13 sure "switch working to new branch/tag" is 12 not checked. Hit OK.

Step 4: Unfortunately, next 11 time you do an update, it will pull down 10 the branches and tags as files. This means 9 your HD will get filled with every file 8 from every branch and version created. One 7 solution is to only checkout each individual 6 trunk dir, which is not always convenient 5 (as you have to manually update 30 trunk 4 dirs if you have one repo with 30 projects).

Personally, having 3 used CVS, SCCS, PVCS, VSS & Rational 2 for 30 years, I find SVN much harder to 1 work with.

Score: 15
  1. Right click on your project folder and select Branch/Tag
  2. Point the URL to whatever you want the folder to be called inside the /Tag/ folder
  3. Select Specific revision in repository and choose the one you want

It won't affect the trunk at all.


Score: 8

How to create a tag :

  1. Right click on your repository local copy
  2. Choose Create a branch or a tag...
  3. Choose URL of the tag (normally at the same level that trunk you have a tags folder)
  4. Choose which revision you want to tag (Usually, you will choose HEAD revision. Why ? Because normally tags are to mark a state of your repository typically for release management, and then when you have the repository state wished, you tag it and then continue the development.

Yes, it's almost the 2 same process that for branches, the difference is 1 "conceptual".

No effect to your trunk !

Score: 7

Here's the official documentation.

Creating a 3 tag won't affect the trunk nor your working 2 copy (you'll still be pointing to trunk) unless 1 you switch to the newly created tag or branch.

Score: 0

Answers below:
The process is almost 9 exactly the same as a branch.
A branch 8 is a tag which is updated essentially.

Right 7 click on the folder you want to tag, click 6 on RepoBrowser, then branch/tag.
Modify 5 the ToURL, with where you want to place 4 your tag
Enter your comment/tag in the 3 box below.
This will tag the code in 2 the folder, without moving it.

This will 1 not effect the trunk at all.

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