[ACCEPTED]-Why I can not start my tomcat from command line?-tomcat7

Accepted answer
Score: 28

If you're trying to run startup.sh from the directory 4 that contains it, you'll need to prefix 3 the name with ./ - the current directory is 2 not on the PATH by default. Also, you'll need 1 the .sh extension.

So either:

~/apache-tomcat-7/bin$ ./startup.sh


~/apache-tomcat-7$ bin/startup.sh
Score: 6

you should like this:

sudo chmod +x /Users/yw/Tomcat/bin/*.sh


Score: 5

Actually the problem is your startup.sh does not have 6 the execute permission that is why you are 5 unable to start it. First check that properly, type 4 ./startup.sh there and observe what it says. If it is 3 saying that "you don't have the permission" then 2 give it execute permission by this command 1 chmod 777 startup.sh. Then try to to start it.

Score: 3

I did it with command:

chmod +x catalina.sh
sudo ./startup.sh


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