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Score: 23

The best template I have found is:

As a <user> I want to <do something> so that <I can accomplish goal>.


Score: 21

See the Nine boxes technique to elaborate 7 your user stories. It's not really a template 6 per se, but it leads to filling the "as a user, I want ... so that ..." template, which 5 is very efficient. Mike Cohn is explaining this better than I would.

It also allows to discover 4 non-functional requirements (the ilities).

EDIT: the 3 original link to the nine-boxes page is 2 now cybersquatted but the page is available 1 on the internet archive.

Score: 15

Alistair Cockburn has a use-case template. Dan North adopts 1 it to user stories.

Score: 9

a better one that focuses user's goal more 4 is:

In order to <accomplish a goal>, as a <user> I want to <do something> 

this format encourages everyone to think 3 about what the user is trying to achieve 2 and can hint your team to change user's 1 role or rethink the whole US.

Score: 2

Remember that the meat of a User Story is 2 in the conversation with the Customer, and in the automated 1 acceptance test: http://www.xprogramming.com/xpmag/expCardConversationConfirmation.htm

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