[ACCEPTED]-SVN checkout filtered by file extension?-svn-checkout

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Score: 33

This is possible: you can svn checkout an empty directory, and 7 then svn update filename for each file that you do want.

Your 6 script can do something like:

  1. svn checkout svn://path/to/repos/directory --depth empty
  2. svn list --recursive svn://path/to/repos/directory
  3. Pipe that result through a filter that removes the forbidden file extensions, e.g. grep
  4. Iterate over this new filtered list and svn update --parents each file

That would 5 give your desired result of a working copy 4 without certain files or file extensions.

Of 3 course, there is also the issue that you 2 mention of “people [checking] in lots of 1 fluff” but that’s a separate matter.

Score: 3

As I told here, there is only one option build 5 into SVN itself: A new feature in SVN 1.5 4 called sparse checkout, however you can only select checkout 3 on directory level, so you have to sort 2 the files you do not need in a different 1 directory.

Score: 0

You can't check out just a few specific 5 files -- you can only check out a whole 4 folder. You can rearrange the organization 3 of what you're checking out, or you can 2 just copy a working copy from somewhere 1 else and update.

Score: 0

I just tried the approach presented by Michael 3 Hackner. Below is the implementation for 2 a DOS system. Note that you have to to checkout 1 the empty folder before running this script.

@echo off

svn list --recursive https://path_to_repository_folder | find /I ".sql" > filelist.txt

REM Specify a custom delim. Otherwise space in filename will be treated as a delimiter.
FOR /F "delims=|" %%i  IN (filelist.txt) DO (
    echo -------------
    echo %%i
    svn update --parents "%%i"

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