[ACCEPTED]-Adding all files under a folder that have not been added in subversion?-svn

Accepted answer
Score: 35
svn add files/*


svn add --force files

(taken from SVN book)


Score: 14

If you'd like to add all files in a folder, including 1 all subfolders, this is a really handy script:

svn status | awk '{if ($1 == "?") print $2 }' | xargs svn add
Score: 3

If your all directories are not adding recursively. Then check this.

recursive adding is default property. You can see in SVN book.

Issue can be in your ignore 10 list or global properties.

I got solution 9 google issue tracker

  • Right click in your repo in window. Select TortoiseSVN > Properties.
  • See if you don't have a property svn:global-ignores with a value of *
  • If you have property with star(*) then it will ignore recursive adding. So remove this property.

This guy also explained why this property added in my 8 project.

The most like way that it got there 7 is that someone right-clicked a file without 6 any extension and selected TortoiseSVN -> SVN 5 Ignore -> * (recursively), and then committed 4 this.

You can check the log to see who committed 3 that property change, find out what they 2 were actually trying to do, and ask them 1 to be more careful in future. :)

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