[ACCEPTED]-How do I properly remove an svn:externals and replace it with a local (non-external) copy of the same directory?-svn

Accepted answer
Score: 45

In the root of your working copy:

svn propedit svn:externals .

You should 6 see a file in your editor of choice that 5 has lines like this:

path/to/extenal http://url/of/repo

If you remove that line, then 4 run a commit/update, it should remove the 3 external definition from that path, and 2 unlock the path.

You may need to run a svn cleanup if it 1 complains.

Score: 4

I came across this problem in order to do 8 it through eclipse you can do the following Go 7 to the root folder where your external is 6 present and right-click Team>Show properties>

you 5 should see a name value pair with name as 4 svn:external and value as the external repository. Right 3 click and you can see remove option which 2 will remove the link.

you might have to do 1 an svn:update or clean up after that .

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