[ACCEPTED]-Committing the code on Subversion (first time)-svn-checkout

Accepted answer
Score: 24

First checkout that repository by

svn checkout <Your URL> svn

Now cd to 5 svn folder, create username folder(amit) in 4 svn folder and commit:

svn commit -m"username folder is created."

Now copy your files in 3 that folder(amit in your case). Now you have 2 to add each new file or new folder:

svn add filename
svn add foldername

Now you 1 can commit these files to server:

svn commit -m"Some new files are added."

Note: Text after -m are comments and you can change it according to your needs.

Score: 4

Magic!! :)

If you already have a project that you started 5 working on but it's not an svn working copy 4 yet.

The simplest way ever:

Navigate to the project folder in the 3 terminal using cd and type:

svn co http://svn.mine.com/svn/app_ios/trunk/ .


svn 2 add --force .


svn commit -m "first 1 commit"

Score: 2

svn ci is as good as using svn commit


Score: 0

Create the folder in your home filesystem 1 and commit the entire thing to the server.

ex: amit/your_project_folder/

Score: 0

Not sure, but i would try this:

  • svn mkdir armit@<host>/<your_folder>
  • svn checkout armit@<host>/<your_folder>
  • copy your files into <your_folder> in local
  • svn commit <your_folder>


Score: 0

I had to send my code to other svn url from 10 my svn. What I did

1 Take checkout of destination 9 svn url in one place (Where i need to push 8 my code)

svn co destination_svn_url

2 Now, I 7 have my code. I deleted .svn folder(hidden) from 6 my code using following command to avoid 5 conflict between versions

rm -rf `find . -type 4 d -name .svn`

3 Now I copied my code(folder) and 3 paste it to destination folder i.e in step 2 1 and run the following command

svn add folder_path_i_paste

4 1 Now commit the code.

svn commit -m"Code pushed"

Score: 0

//First add working copy

  • svn co your url
  • svn add * --force
  • svn commit -m "first commit"

//Remove frameworks 3 such as google places, Google maps, Google 2 maps core because these cause error while 1 uploading data.

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