[ACCEPTED]-Can I see the currently checked out revision number in Tortoise SVN?-tortoisesvn

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Right-click on the working directory in 6 windows explorer, and select "Properties" (Not 5 TortoiseSVN->Properties). You will see 4 the Properties dialog, which will have a 3 tab called "Subversion". Click on it, and 2 you will see the version number, and other 1 info.

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Not in tortoise but in command line.

svn info

will 1 return what rev you are checked out on.

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TortoiseSVN -> Show log: The line in bold marks the current revision 1 in your working copy.

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If you are using XP, change your Explorer 3 windows to Details View. Navigate to an 2 SVN-controlled folder then go to View > Choose 1 Details and select the SVN columns for status/rev/etc.

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Thanks John, that's very useful but doesn't 6 show the revision for the root folder of 5 a project.

Now that you've pointed me in 4 the right direction, I have found that I 3 can right-click the folder, select properties 2 and a TortoiseSVN tab appears which contains 1 the revision number.

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Before "Change your Explorer windows to 7 Details View. Navigate to an SVN-controlled 6 folder then go to View > Choose Details 5 and select the SVN columns for status/rev/etc."

you 4 have to change your Windows Registry settings, adding 3 this DWORD value


and 2 setting it to 1, as stated in the TortoiseSVN 1 documentation.

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