[ACCEPTED]-Declare a table variable without column definitions?-sql-server-2000

Accepted answer
Score: 10

Impossible. Citation from "books online":


Syntax Note 7 Use DECLARE @local_variable to declare 6 variables of type table.

table_type_definition ::= 
  TABLE ( { column_definition | table_constraint } [ ,...n ] ) 


"(", at 5 least one column definition and ")" is syntactically 4 required.

PS: AFAIK insertion into any new 3 table from "exec" results are impossible 2 at all. Only to a table with predefined 1 structre.

Score: 6

You can't do it with table VARIABLES but 1 you can do it with TEMP tables.

-- Drop the table, if it exists
IF OBJECT_ID(N'tempdb.dbo.#tmpMyTable',N'U') IS NOT NULL
DROP TABLE #tmpMyTable


INTO #tmpMyTable

FROM MyTable

-- Then clean up after yourself
DROP TABLE #tmpMyTable

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