[ACCEPTED]-Suspended status in SQL Activity Monitor-suspend

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The wait type "Async_Network_IO" means that 12 its waiting for the client to retrieve the 11 result set as SQL Server's network buffer 10 is full. Why your client isn't picking up 9 the data in a timely manner I can't say.

The 8 other case it can happen is with linked 7 servers when SQL Server is querying a remote 6 table, in this case SQL Server is waiting 5 for the remote server to respond.

Something 4 worth looking at is virus scanners, if they 3 are monitoring network connections sometimes 2 they can get lagged, its often apparent 1 by them hogging all the CPU.

Score: 2

Suspended means it is waiting on a resource 4 and will resume when it gets its resource. Judging 3 from the sizes you are pulling back, it 2 seems you are in an OLAP type of query.

Try 1 the following things:

  1. Use NOLOCK or set the TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL at the top of the query
  2. Check your execution plan and tune the query to be more efficient

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