[ACCEPTED]-How to change the collation of sqlite3 database to sort case insensitively?-case-insensitive

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To sort it Case insensitive you can use 1 ORDER BY Name COLLATE NOCASE

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The SQLite Datatypes documentation discusses user-defined collation 6 sequences. Specifically you use COLLATE 5 NOCASE to achieve your goal.

They give an 4 example:

    a,                 -- default collation type BINARY
    b COLLATE BINARY,  -- default collation type BINARY
    c COLLATE REVERSE, -- default collation type REVERSE
    d COLLATE NOCASE   -- default collation type NOCASE

and note that:

-- Grouping is performed 3 using the NOCASE collation sequence (i.e. values -- 'abc' and 2 'ABC' are placed in the same group). SELECT 1 count(*) GROUP BY d FROM t1;

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select * from tableNames Order by lower(Name);

Michael van der Westhuizen explains in his 5 comment below why this is not a good way. I 4 am leaving this answer up so as to preserve 3 his comment and to serve as a warning to 2 others who might have the same 'bright' idea 1 I had ;-)

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Use this statement in your SQLite database:

PRAGMA case_sensitive_like = false


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