[ACCEPTED]-sendmail error 452 Too many recipients received this hour-sendmail

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This is called grey-listing. When you send 9 too many e-mails (or more often - a certain 8 number of e-mails where a recipient does 7 not exist) a destination mail server does 6 not black list you, but instead they temporarily 5 block access from your mail server (essentially 4 the IP address of your mail server). Usually 3 this block is set for 1 hour but obviously 2 can vary depending on the configuration.

You 1 can do several things:

  1. Contact the admins of the domain in question (e.g. postmaster@messaging.sprintpcs.com) and request your IP address to be whitelisted. (They may refuse)
  2. Check/increase time e-mails can stay in your local queues (to have more chances of them to retry and finally get delivered
  3. Add more public IP addresses to your server
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That's from their server. It looks like 3 email flood prevention.

One alternative is 2 to use app-directed SMS's to get data to 1 your BREW application.

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It looks like the mx.messaging.sprintpcs.com 4 is throttling you. Perhaps try sending your 3 mail with different IP addresses to beat 2 this. It is probably an attempt at spam 1 control.

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