[ACCEPTED]-Getting frequent Gem RemoteFetcher::FetchError. Any workarounds?-rubygems

Accepted answer
Score: 16

Make sure your rvm ssl certificates are up 1 to date.

Check their status

$ rvm osx-ssl-certs status all

Update them!

$ rvm osx-ssl-certs update all
Score: 13

You have to add the "http://rubygems.org",

but before 3 that remove the https source because as it will 2 get stuck at the certificate error and add 1 http instead.

so by steps would be:

  1. gem sources - check sources
  2. gem sources -a http://rubygems.org/ - will add http source
  3. gem sources --remove https://rubygems.org/ - will remove the https source
Score: 7

Any reason for not having RubyGems in your 1 sources? If not, add it with

gem sources -a http://rubygems.org

and try again.

Score: 1

I'd try leaving only rubygems.org as the 1 only gem source. This should help.

Score: 0

What I wound up doing was to download the 3 rdoc 3.12 gem to my desktop (based on the 2 original error), then installed it with...

$ gem install --local ~/Desktop/rdoc-3.12.gem

Then 1 I ran $ gem install rails again, and it finished up successfully.

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