[ACCEPTED]-Is there any reporting tool or a gem in Ruby on Rails-rubygems

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Have a look the question I asked another 12 day: is there any Ruby or Rails reporting tools based on customizable templates?

Thin Reports and ODF report are very 11 good. If you need to compare more reporting 10 gems try The Ruby Box: reporting section. There are few other good reporting 9 tools as well.

here is my summary about thin 8 reports and ODF report:

Thin Reports: It is really good. You 7 download a template editor then you define 6 your own report template then by combine 5 the thinreports gems you can get SVG or 4 PDF report out of your application.

ODF Report: It 3 uses ODF file as template which can be edit 2 by OpenOffice and MS Word 2010. Then You 1 get your report out.

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For graphical reports, check out the answers 3 to this question:

Ruby on Rails: What Reporting and/or Charting Tools Are Available?

For raw stats, I've been 2 using the statistics gem - I'm not sure if it's still 1 maintained.

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you can use the new gem active reporting and here is talk about 1 in rails conf 2017

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Some of the more popular reporting tools 1 for Ruby are listed here.

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