[ACCEPTED]-How to auto generate Rails REST API documentation for controllers?-documentation

Accepted answer
Score: 34

You can try apipie-rails which I created: https://github.com/Pajk/apipie-rails/

It can do 2 more things than just generate documentation, more 1 info on https://github.com/Pajk/apipie-rails/.

Score: 5

I found https://github.com/zipmark/rspec_api_documentation to be a really nice tool. It's 4 driven off of rspec acceptance tests so 3 you're writing documentation at the same 2 time you're writing acceptance tests! Double 1 win!

Score: 2

Use rapi_doc gem. The setup is very simple and straight 1 forward. Follow this tutorial: http://www.rubyglob.com/generating-api-documentation-with-rapi_doc/

Score: 0

You can use "calamum" a ruby build 2 program to generate a nice html api doc 1 from yaml file definition. https://github.com/malachheb/calamum

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Although is not automatic, I define and document 4 my APIs using RESTful API Modeling Language 3 or, RAML.

There are Node.js packages that turn 2 the yaml file into a nice looking html documentation, like 1 raml2html.

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I was also searching for a good documentation 4 tool which can be easily integrated into 3 rails. Finally we built our own rails engine 2 APIDOCO

However it does not auto generate the documentation 1 but you can easily use it.

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