[ACCEPTED]-Template is missing-ruby-on-rails

Accepted answer
Score: 44

This error happens if you don't redirect 8 in the create method of your controller.

Are you 7 redirecting in the create method in the 6 controller or rendering the new form, in 5 case of error?

Without the redirection in 4 the create method in the controller, you 3 need to make a new file called create.html.erb. Usually, after 2 successful creation, you redirect to some 1 other page like shown below

def create
  # some object you want to create
  # if the object.save is fine
  #   redirect_to object
  # else
  #   render new with the errors
  # end
Score: 23

In my case I had to process and render no 1 view.

def return_payment
  # do lots of stuff

  head :ok
Score: 2

I had the same problem and the reason was 2 that I left accidentally other empty 'create' method 1 :)

Score: 2

Generally missing template error occurs 9 -when you don't have view file of that 8 method of controller, or -if a method is 7 just for calculation that does not have 6 any view file, then you must have to render/redirect 5 the method.

If you do not render or redirect 4 the method, it will search for the view 3 page of current method name (in your case 2 it will search for create.html.erb).So, you 1 have to render/redirect the method.

Score: 0

I had the same problem and just added the 1 redirect_to and it worked!

def update
    @visitor = Visitor.find(params[:id])
    if @visitor.update_attributes(visitor_params)
       flash[:notice] = "Update ok!"
       redirect_to root_path #just added this line and it worked!
       render 'edit'

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