[ACCEPTED]-How can I uninstall Ruby on Rails on Mac OS X?-macos

Accepted answer
Score: 32

Download RVM or RBENV and upgrade to the latest 2 Ruby (2.3.0 at this point). Don't touch 1 your system Ruby.

Score: 3

Are you uninstalling Ruby on Rails, or Ruby 18 AND Ruby on Rails?

If you want to uninstall 17 Ruby on Rails it should be a simple matter 16 of using gem uninstall rails or doing gem dependency rails and then gem uninstall for each of 15 the listed gems that Rails depends on. If 14 you installed them system-wide, using sudo originally, you'll 13 have to use sudo again to uninstall them.

If 12 you want to uninstall a system-wide Ruby 11 you installed from source, well, I'd probably 10 leave it alone and install any new versions 9 of Ruby using RVM. The older version won't 8 be visible to apps unless you want them 7 to see it or set your path to include it. RVM's 6 version will be found first unless you do 5 rvm system.

Actually you could simply install RVM and 4 have it install your new versions of Ruby, then 3 from there install new versions of Rails, without 2 even bothering to uninstall the old stuff. RVM 1 really is that cool.

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