[ACCEPTED]-Regex using Notepad++ to add space before a capital letter-capitalization

Accepted answer
Score: 24

Search string: (.)([A-Z])
Replacement: \1 \2

This doesn't 2 insert spaces before capitals that are the 1 first letter on their line.

Score: 0

Find: ^([A-Z])

Replace: \1

this will add a 4 space to the first uppercase character in 3 notepad++ Make sure you put the space before 2 the \1 in the replace section.

WABET : <-from WABET 1 : <-to

Score: 0

In Notepad++, do a search-n-Replace (ctrl+h), in 10 'find what' input '([a-z])([A-Z])' without 9 single quotes. in 'Replace with' input 8 '\1 \2' without quotes.

Select radio button 7 'Regular Expression' and make sure you Check 6 'Match Case' checkbox. Now find next and 5 keep replacing. it will convert camel 4 or Pascal case strings into words with a 3 space before every capital letter except 2 the first.

Hope it is helpful. I just used 1 it with one of my tasks.

Score: 0

Find what: .\K([A-Z])
Replace with: $1 a space before $1 Note!!!!!! Must 1 to check match-case see in attached photo.

enter image description here

Score: 0

If you can live with a space before the first word, then this solution worked for me.

I used 3 the following with the Regular Expression radio button checked.:

Find 2 what: ([A-Z]) Replace With: \1

Note the leading space before the 1 \1 in the replace

enter image description here

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