[ACCEPTED]-Light-weight renderer HTML with CSS in Python-browser

Accepted answer
Score: 15

You should use a UI framework:

An other option 10 is to open the OS default web browser through 9 something like this:

import webbrowser
url = 'http://www.python.org'

# Open URL in a new tab, if a browser window is already open.
webbrowser.open_new_tab(url + '/doc')

# Open URL in new window, raising the window if possible.

You can find more info 8 about the webbrowser module here. I think that 7 the simplest way would be to use the os 6 browser if you are looking for something 5 very light-weight since it does not depend 4 on a framework and it would work in all 3 platforms. Using Tk may be an other option 2 that is light and will not require to install 1 a 3rd party framework.

Score: 0

Flying Saucer Project -- an XHTML renderer.

No, it's not Python. It's 1 -- however -- trivially called from Python.

Score: 0

Maybe HulaHop could be interesting for you (can 2 also be combined with Pyjamas). The Mozilla Prism Project 1 might also be relevant.

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