[ACCEPTED]-Python Regex "object has no attribute-regex

Accepted answer
Score: 18

Your exception means that urla has a value 6 of None. Since urla's value is determined 5 by the re.search call, it follows that re.search 4 returns None. And this happens when the 3 string doesn't match the pattern.

So basically 2 you should use:

urla = re.search(pattern2, match)
if urla is not None:
    print filename, urla.group(1)

instead of what you have 1 now.

Score: 3

The reason for TypeError is that search or match usually return 5 either a MatchObject or a None. Only one of these has a 4 group method. And it's not a None. So you need to 3 do:

url = re.search(pattern2, match)
if url is not None:
    print(filename, url.group(0))

P.S. PEP-8 suggests using 4 spaces for indentation. It's 2 not just an opinion, it's a good practice. Your 1 code is fairly hard to read.

Score: 2

I got the same problem.

Using python2.6, you 1 can solve it in this way:

for match in matches:
 if len(match) > 0:

  urla = re.search(pattern2, match)
   print filename, urla.group(1)
   print "Problem with",pattern2

  urlb = re.search(pattern3, match)
   print filename, urlb.group(1)
   print "Problem with",pattern3
Score: 0

Please also note your mistaken assumption 6 that the error was in the third match, when it 5 was in fact in the second. This seems to 4 have led to the mistaken assumption that 3 the second match was doing something to 2 invalidate the third, sending you way off 1 track.

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