[ACCEPTED]-sort dictionary by another dictionary-dictionary

Accepted answer
Score: 11

The first code box has invalid Python syntax 4 (I suspect the d = parts are extraneous...?) as 3 well as unwisely trampling on the built-in 2 name list.

Anyway, given for example:

d = {'file_name':'thisfile.flt', 'item_name':'box', 'item_height':'8.7', 
     'item_width':'10.5', 'item_depth':'2.2', 'texture_file': 'red.jpg'}

order = {
    'file_name':    0,
    'item_name':    1, 
    'item_height':  2,
    'item_width':   3,
    'item_depth':   4,
    'texture_file': 5

one nifty 1 way to get the desired result ['thisfile.flt', 'box', '8.7', '10.5', '2.2', "red.jpg'] would be:

def doit(d, order):
  return  [d[k] for k in sorted(order, key=order.get)]

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