[ACCEPTED]-Is 'for x in array' always result in sorted x? [Python/NumPy]-numpy

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Yes, it's entirely guaranteed. for item in myarray (where 5 myarray is a sequence, which includes numpy's arrays, builtin 4 lists, Python's array.arrays, etc etc), is 3 in fact equivalent in Python to:

_aux = 0
while _aux < len(myarray):
  item = myarray[_aux]

for some 2 phantom variable _aux;-). Btw, both of your 1 constructs are also equivalent to

itemlist = list(myarray)
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It is guaranteed for lists. I think the 8 more relevant Python parallel to your C# example 7 would be to iterate over the keys in a dictionary, which 6 is NOT guaranteed to be in any order.

# Always prints 0-9 in order
a_list = [0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9]
for x in a_list:
    print x

# May or may not print 0-9 in order. Implementation dependent.
a_dict = {'0':0,'1':1,'2':2,'3':3,'4':4,'5':5,'6':6,'7':7,'8':8,'9':9}
for x in a_dict:
    print x

The 5 for <element> in <iterable> structure only worries that the iterable supplies 4 a next() function which returns something. There 3 is no general guarantee that these elements 2 get returned in any order over the domain 1 of the for..in statement; lists are a special case.

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Yes, the Python Language Reference guarantees this (emphasis is mine):

 for_stmt ::=  "for" target_list "in" expression_list ":" suite
               ["else" ":" suite]

"The 2 suite is then executed once for each item 1 provided by the iterator, in the order of ascending indices."

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