[ACCEPTED]-beginner installing nosetests package-nosetests

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Score: 10

This works on mac, it may work on linux

1)Open 2 terminal (Be prepared to enter your password)

2)Type: sudo easy_install pip

3)Type: sudo pip install distribute

4)Type: sudo pip install nose

5)Type: sudo pip install virtualenv

Hope 1 that helps, cheers!

Score: 2

They are not yet installed. Each has its 10 own vagaries about how exactly the install 9 process works and in fact some of those 8 packages will include the other packages 7 with them. I.e.

"If you use virtualenv, a 6 copy of pip will be automatically be installed 5 in each virtual environment you create."


As 4 a relatively new python user myself, (and 3 having gone thru a similar process not long 2 ago) I am eagerly awaiting the more complete 1 answers that come back for this one.

Score: 1

Find out where the nosetests script is. On 2 OSX:


Execute directly, or set up a bash alias, perhaps 1 in .bash_profile:

alias nosetests='/usr/local/share/python/nosetests'
alias nosetests3='/usr/local/share/python3/nosetests'
Score: 1

You were on the right track, but the package 6 is actually called "nose". The 5 documentation for nose (nosetests is the 4 script) can be found here: https://nose.readthedocs.org/en/latest/

The short answer 3 is that you have 2 basic options: easy_install or pip. Install 2 using setuptools/distribute: easy_install nose. Install using 1 pip: pip install nose

Score: 0

Install Python 2.7 and after just do this 1 (only on Windows - Windows PowerShell):

  1. Setup PATH env:

C:\Python27\;C:\Python27\Scripts\", "User"

  1. pip is already installed


.\pip install distribute


.\pip install nose


.\pip install virtualenv

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