[ACCEPTED]-What is the Python convention **kwargs vs **kwds vs **kw?-keyword-argument

Accepted answer
Score: 17

Nope, but normally it is named as **kwargs, but 3 you can name it anything you want. Only 2 thing is it should come at the last following 1 any position args and named args.

Score: 11

The convention is **kwargs, as seen in documentation 1 and PEPs.

Score: 10

The key is consistency. In your personal 8 code and in the project on which you're 7 working. If I'm reading your code and see 6 you using **kwarguments in all functions, I can calibrate 5 myself to read it fine. If you use **k in one 4 place and **kargs in another, that's a different 3 story.

As for conventions in Python code 2 generally, my experience is the same as 1 Senthil's - **kwargs.

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