[ACCEPTED]-data validation for SQLAlchemy declarative models-cherrypy

Accepted answer
Score: 16

Take a look at the documentation for adding 5 validation methods. You could just add an "update" method 4 that takes the POST dict, makes sure that 3 required keys are present, and uses the 2 decorated validators to set the values (raising 1 an error if anything is awry).

Score: 3

I wrote SAValidation for the specific purpose of avoiding 4 code duplication when it comes to validating 3 model data. It works well for us, at least 2 for our use cases.

In our tests, we have 1 examples of the model's setup and tests to show the validation works.

Score: 0

API Logic Server provides business rules for SQLAlchemy 3 models. This includes not only multi-field, multi-table 2 validations, but multi-table validations. It's 1 open source.

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