[ACCEPTED]-Python PDF library-pdf-generation

Accepted answer
Score: 34

The two that come to mind are:


Score: 33

Reportlab. There is an open source version, and a 3 paid version which adds the Report Markup 2 Language (an alternative method of defining 1 your document).

Score: 5

I already have used Reportlab in one project.


Score: 3

There is also http://appyframework.org/pod.html which takes a LibreOffice 5 or OpenOffice document as template and can 4 generate pdf, rtf, odt ... To generate pdf 3 it requires a headless OOo on some server. Documentation 2 is concise but relatively complete. http://appyframework.org/podWritingTemplates.html If 1 you need advice, the author is rather helpful.

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