[ACCEPTED]-Tool for automatically creating data for django model-django-models

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Score: 25

I haven't used it myself, but django-autofixture looks pretty 2 much like what you are after.

Other similar 1 apps are listed in this grid: https://www.djangopackages.com/grids/g/fixtures/

Score: 8


This has some pretty nice generic field 1 types that aren't Django-specific

Score: 8

django-dilla was built specifically to populate your 5 django models with 'spam' data. The below 4 is taken directly from the site example 3 after defining some settings. It will even 2 let you define your own 'spammers' that 1 will generate data in a particular format.

$ ./manage.py run_dilla --cycles=100
Dilla is going to spam your database. Do you wish to proceed? (Y/N)Y
Dilla finished!
    2 app(s) spammed 900 row(s) affected, 2498 field(s) filled, \
    502 field(s) ommited.
Score: 2

Checkout django-mockups: https://github.com/sorl/django-mockups

It will automatically 11 generate data for any model, including foreign 10 key and many to many. You can run it as-is 9 out-of-the-box, giving it the maximum depth 8 for relationships, and it will generate 7 data fully exploiting your model.

You can 6 also write your own generators and factories 5 to get fine-grained control over relationships 4 and to generate data specific to your application, rather 3 than just random data. I just got through 2 using it on a project, and it saved me literally 1 days of work setting up test data.

Score: 1

If the question is still actual you may 7 try package django-mimesis. It offers to fill database 6 with dummy data in different languages according 5 to types of fields. Also you may download 4 some pictures automatically using specified 3 topics. Not always works great, sometime 2 pictures' topics are mismatched. But for 1 me it is enough.

Score: 0

Django-eadred was designed for "generating sample 6 data."

As its docs state

eadred allows 5 you to programmatically generate the data 4 using model makers, factories, fixtures, random 3 seeds—whatever your needs are.

Additionally, eadred 2 provides library functions to make generating 1 data easier.

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