[ACCEPTED]-python imap: how to parse multipart mail content-imap

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For parsing emails I have used Message.walk() method like 3 this:

if msg.is_multipart():
    for part in msg.walk():

For content you can try: part.get_payload(). For content-type 2 there is: part.get_content_type()

You will find documetation here: http://docs.python.org/library/email.message.html

You 1 can also try email module with its iterators.

Score: 2


A very simple example (msg_as_str contains 1 the raw bytes you got from the imap server):

import email
msg = email.message_from_string(msg_as_str)
print msg["Subject"]
Score: 1

I have wrote this code. You can use it if 3 you like it for parsing multipart content:

if mime_msg.is_multipart():
        for part in mime_msg.walk():
            if part.is_multipart():
                for subpart in part.get_payload():
                    if subpart.is_multipart():
                        for subsubpart in subpart.get_payload():
                            body = body + str(subsubpart.get_payload(decode=True)) + '\n'
                        body = body + str(subpart.get_payload(decode=True)) + '\n'
                body = body + str(part.get_payload(decode=True)) + '\n'
    body = body + str(mime_msg.get_payload(decode=True)) + '\n'

body = bytes(body,'utf-8').decode('unicode-escape')

And 2 if you want to take out in plain text then 1 convert body into html2text.HTML2Text()

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