[ACCEPTED]-How to copy a sqlite table from a disk database to a memory database in python?-copy

Accepted answer
Score: 37

this code is more general but maybe it can 3 help you:

import sqlite3

new_db = sqlite3.connect(':memory:') # create a memory database

old_db = sqlite3.connect('test.db')

query = "".join(line for line in old_db.iterdump())

# Dump old database in the new one. 

EDIT : for getting your specify table 2 you can just change in the for loop like 1 this:

name_table = "test_table"  # name of the table that you want to get.

for line in old_db.iterdump():
    if name_table in line:
        query = line
Score: 3

Check out the SQLite Backup API. The example is in C, but 1 this should show you how it's done efficiently.

Score: 1

An alternative, for those using python and 4 sqlalchemy:


The idea behind is to replicate 3 the metadata from the source database to 2 the target database and then transfer column 1 after column.

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