[ACCEPTED]-Monitor ZIP File Extraction Python-extraction

Accepted answer
Score: 17

here an example that you can start with, it's 2 not optimized:

import zipfile

zf = zipfile.ZipFile('test.zip')

uncompress_size = sum((file.file_size for file in zf.infolist()))

extracted_size = 0

for file in zf.infolist():
    extracted_size += file.file_size
    print "%s %%" % (extracted_size * 100/uncompress_size)

to make it more beautiful 1 do this when printing:

 print "%s %%\r" % (extracted_size * 100/uncompress_size),
Score: 8

You can just monitor the progress of each 1 file being extracted with tqdm():

from zipfile import ZipFile
from tqdm import tqdm

# Open your .zip file
with ZipFile(file=path) as zip_file:

    # Loop over each file
    for file in tqdm(iterable=zip_file.namelist(), total=len(zip_file.namelist())):

        # Extract each file to another directory
        # If you want to extract to current working directory, don't specify path
        zip_file.extract(member=file, path=directory)
Score: 4

In python 2.6 ZipFile object has a open method 9 which can open a named file in zip as a 8 file object, you can sue that to read data 7 in chunks

import zipfile
import os

def read_in_chunks(zf, name):
    chunk_size= 4096
    f = zf.open(name)
    data_list = []
    total_read = 0
    while 1:
        data = f.read(chunk_size)
        total_read += len(data)
        print "read",total_read
        if not data:

    return "".join(data_list)

zip_file_path = r"C:\Users\anurag\Projects\untitled-3.zip"
zf = zipfile.ZipFile(zip_file_path, "r")
for name in zf.namelist():
    data = read_in_chunks(zf, name)

Edit: To get the total size you 6 can do something like this

total_size = sum((file.file_size for file in zf.infolist()))

So now you can 5 print the total progress and progress per 4 file, e.g. suppose you have only 1 big file 3 in zip, other methods(e.g. just counting 2 file sizes and extract) will not give any 1 progress at all.

Score: 0

ZipFile.getinfolist() will generate a number of ZipInfo objects from 6 the contents of the zip file. From there 5 you can either total up the number of bytes 4 of all the files in the archive and then 3 count up how many you've extracted thus 2 far, or you can go by the number of files 1 total.

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