[ACCEPTED]-ini_set, set_time_limit, (max_execution_time) - not working-connection

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You can not change this setting with ini_set() when 10 running in safe mode. The only workaround 9 is to turn off safe mode or by changing 8 the time limit in the php.ini.

-- PHP manual, Runtime 7 Configuration, description of max_execution_time

Many hosts run in safe mode. The 6 other server is most likely one of them.

Edit: The 5 same restriction is in place on set_time_limit:

This function 4 has no effect when PHP is running in safe 3 mode. There is no workaround other than 2 turning off safe mode or changing the 1 time limit in the php.ini.

-- PHP manual, set_time_limit page

Score: 1

Does GoDaddy allow you to edit their remote 10 PHP.INI file, or (achieving the same function) set 9 those options at runtime? Many restrictive 8 hosts (and I don't know this about GoDaddy 7 one way or the other) won't let you futz 6 with PHP options either via the config file 5 or at runtime as you did on WAMP. It could 4 be that though you're still calling that 3 function, it's not being applied.


echo 'Time Limit = ' . ini_get('max_execution_time') .

The 2 manual says that if it's set at all in the 1 PHP.INI, that will override this runtime. PHP Manual on set_time_limit

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You can change max_execution_time.
Upload 2 a 1 line (max_execution_time = 600) php5.ini to 1 your root folder (where php.ini resides).

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